Warrior is one of the five major classes available to players on Conquer Online. The warrior is a rough and ready melee combat class. They are adept in the use of all kinds of weapons and don the heaviest armors of any class. In addition they can employ a shield for additional defense.

Profession Edit

Warriors start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Warrior until level 15. All Warrior promotions are given by the Warrior God in the Job Center in Twin City. Different levels of profession have different requirements.

LevelPromoted TitleItems RequiredPromotion Award
0 Intern Warrior None N/A
15 Warrior None Learn XP skills
40 Brass Warrior None A lvl 40 Soft Shield
70 Silver Warrior 1 Emerald A lvl 70 Light Armor
100 Gold Warrior 1 Meteor A normal Rainbow Gem
110 Warrior Master 1 Moon Box Super equipment (bound)

Strength Edit

Warriors are one of the strongest classes because of there amazing strength. They are the class with the most strength, they start with 6 and every level they get 2 more.

Armours Edit

Warrior armor is the heaviest, strongest armor of all. When wearing the right armor, a warrior can soak a lot of damage, allowing him extra time in close combat to pummel his enemies.

Shields Edit

The Warrior is the only class that can use a shield. Shields grant a bonus to defense and health, increasing the amount of hits you can take in and reducing the damage you take.

XP skills Edit

The following XP skills are available to warriors.

IconSkill NameEffectsCharacter Level RequiredNotes
Accuracy icon Accuracy Hit accuracy tripled 15
Shield icon Shield Defense tripled 15
Roar icon Roar Increase XP bar by 20 for all teammates nearby. 15
Superman icon Superman Damage decupled when you are hitting monsters. (2x damage while PKing) 15
Flying Moon icon Flying Moon Powerful magic attack.


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