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Patch 3601 on the Simplified Chinese version of Conquer was released 2 September 2008. It included the following six updates:

  1. Adjusted the automatic calculation of Lingxiao Fan and Hunyuan Tower socketing prices.
  2. Talismans that were were socketed previous to the update will be revert to their unsocketed state, while the embeded gems used in the talismans will be returned to the character's inventory and/or warehouses.
  3. Talismans that were socketed manually by the user (not found from monster hunts) previous to the update will revert to their unsocketed state, affected users will be compensated with Conquer Points for the inconvenience.
  4. All servers will gain two days of free double-EXP the 2 and 3 September.
  5. All servers will experience meteor shower events for the duration of the above two days.
  6. Fixed the Guards-versus-monsters attack damage bug.

Talisman Socketing Changes Edit

The Attack and Defense Talismans were reverted from 0,025 to the original price of 0,075 CPs per percentage point.

Those who had already socketed their talismans will be compensated accordingly:

Characters with items that had the first socket drilled will be compensated 8000 CPs, and 20000 CPs for two-socketed talismans.

The first 30% of a socket's progress (that which requires items) will be compensated at 0,7 CPs per cent. Remaining percents will be compensated at the original price of 0,025 CPs per.

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