Patch 5059 was released on the English version of Conquer Online 2 September 2008.

1. All players on the Cerberus server, and all accounts contained within will be moved to the Gryphon server on Sep 2nd, 2008. It will begin at 18:00 PDT after server maintenance and last 5 or 6 hours or so.

The Gryphon server will be awarded with 7 days' double experience after mergence from Sep 2nd to Sep 8th.

To get Double EXP, find OldGeneralYang (Twin City, 441,377) and talk to him, he will give you one hour of Double Exp time for free! You can get more free Double Exp time as often as you like during this event!

2. We have changed Potency to Battle Power. This more accurately describes the meaning of the term. If you find any places where the word Potency still occurs, please report it here.

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