Ninja Class

Male and Female Ninja

Ninjas are the fastest class with the most devastating attacks, but the lowest defense and health of all. The ninja is an expert of stealth, specialized in guerrilla warfare. Relying on agility and reflexes, ninjas frown upon the use of heavy armors.


Ninjas start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Ninja until level 15. All Ninja promotions are given by the Wind Sage in the Job Center in Twin City.

LevelPromoted TitleItems RequiredPromotion Award
15 Ninja None Lower Ninja Vest
40 Middle Ninja None 1 LVL40 Elite Katana(B); Can learn the skill Twin Fold Blades
70 Dark Ninja Emerald

Non-reborn and 1st reborn: Level 70 Super Katana(B) x 1

2nd reborn: Level 70 Super Katana(B) x 1, 1 Dragon Ball, Qualified to learn skill; Toxic Fog, Poison Star and XP skill Shuriken Vortex.

100 Mystic Ninja Meteor

1 Lvl 100 Super Katana with 1 socket(B)

Non-reborn: 1 Super weapon/equipment with 1 socket, 5 EXP potions, 1 EXP ball,1 praying stone (S). All bound.

110 Ninja Master Moon Box 1st reborn: 1 super weapon with 2 sockets, 5 EXP potions, 1 EXP ball, 1 prayingstone (S). All bound.

2ndreborn: 1 Dragon Ball Learnable Skills: None


Apart from weapons like swords, clubs and blades, the Ninja can equip its exclusive weapon - katanas. These legendary Japanese swords make ninja possess the highest attack among melee classes.


As a class relying on agility and reflexes, Ninjas can only equip some light armor, which makes their defense lower than other melee classes.


Stamina and Passive
IconSkill NameLevel to Learn
Twofold Blade skill Twofold Blades 40
Toxic Fog skill Toxic Fog 70
Archer Bane skill Archer Bane 110
Gaping wounds Gaping Wounds 40
Mortal drag Motal Drag 20
Bloody scythe Bloody Scythe 40

XP Skills
IconSkill NameLevel to Learn
Fatal strike xpskill Fatal Strike 15
Shuriken Vortex xpskill Shuriken Vortex 70
Reborn Skills
IconSkill NameLevel to Learn