Monks and Saints have deep understanding in both physical and spiritual world! Their powerful martial skill and buff skill make them a helpful member in the team!

Through tough martial art training, Monk and Saints can do devastating damage to their opponents. Through meditation and contemplation, Monk and Saints can also bring many helpful influences to their allies. Striving to be kind and selfless, the Monk order has been engaging in devotional meditation for thousands of years. They always try to maintain the separation from the outside world, to keep their focus on achieving enlightenment and higher states of being.

It's a sacred class of strong spiritual powers and fighting abilities. Prayer Beads are their weaponThey are dedicated martial artists who have honed their bodies and mind to become fierce hand-to-hand combatants. Apart from their martial prowess, they are also masters of the spiritual realm, capable of relieve teammates of adverse statuses. They can assist you in battle by giving you various extra attributes, while still being able to tough it out on the front lines! Monk/Saint starts out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Monk/Saint until level 40. All Monk/Saint promtions are given by the Head Abbot in the Job Center in Twin City. Different levels of class have different requirements.