Meteors are vital to your character due to the fact that you can use them to level up your current equipment. As the level of your equipment raises, more meteors are required to level such items. You MAY drop your meteors if you die, unless your level is less than 15. If you are level 16+ you have a chance to drop or keep your meteor(s) upon death.


A Meteor

TQ's description of Meteors

The Meteor is a stony or metallic mass of matter that has fallen to the earth`s surface from meteor shower. It is said that Meteor has a mighty power. If this power has penetrated the equipment, it can upgrade the equipment`s level while the equipment`s quality will remain the same. For example, level-60 super equipment may become level-70 super equipment. The higher the level, the more difficult to upgrade the equipment`s level. If the improvement is unsuccessful, the equipment`s durability may go down while the equipment`s level will remain the same.

How to get MeteorsEdit

There are a few ways to aquire Meteors, such as.

  • Killing monsters (Slightly rare drop)
  • Buying from other players
  • Completing one of the 300 monster killing quests.
  • Buying from Conquer's Shopping Mall for 13CP

Uses for MeteorsEdit

Meteors can be used for various things and are generally moderatly easy to attain meaning you will be required to collect alot of them for some of the uses.

Upgrading gear levelEdit

There are two people you can upgrade your equipment level at (with Meteors) when using either of these methods its important to note that your equipment must be fully repaird.

Artisan WindEdit

Artisan Wind

Artisan Wind's Appearance

You will find Artisan Wind in Twin City at 421,353 (near the shopkeeper and warhouse) when you click on him a screen will come up like the one in the image, this will be where you put the item you wish to upgrade the level of and the meteor you wish to use to do so.
Artisan Wind Improve Box

Artisan Winds 'Improve item level/quality box'

It is important to remember that Artisan Wind dosen't have a 100% chance of success however at lower levels is more likley to work.

(Note: By 'lower levels' I'm refering to mostly anything below Lv70, as that is when he works more often)

Equipment BlacksmithEdit

Equipment Blacksmith

The Equipment Blacksmith's appearance

You can find the Equipment Blacksmith in the Market at 178,199 (in the middle square of the Market, It will say 'Equipment Upgrade' on the floor) Talk to the Blacksmith and ask to 'Upgrade Equipment Level' (the first option) then he will list each piece of equipment, choose one and he will tell you how many meteors you need to upgrade that piece of equipment, click 'sure' and he will then upgrade that piece of equipment for you. Unlike Artisan Wind the Equipment Blacksmith does have a 100% success rate.

(Note: He will almost always cost two meteors at the very least however this does depend on the quality and level of the equipment)

Things to knowEdit

  • Artisan Wind only requires one meteor to upgrade equipment (with the chance of failing)
  • Equipment Blacksmith always requires more than one meteor because there is no chance of it failing
  • You need the meteor(s) in your inventory when you upgrade with the Equipment Blacksmith
  • Equipment above Level 110 will require one Dragonball from both Artisan Wind and the Equipment Blacksmith, rather than meteors