Hateful tokens (Simplified Chinese: 惮恶令牌) can be obtained as a side quest when completing the Second rebirth quest. Once obtained, talk with NPC 灭法真人 (201,179 in the Market). You are then given two choices: Either exchange 1 Hateful token for 1 gift bag (which will randomly contain one of the following prizes when right-clicked: 1 Miraculous gourd, 1 续魂宝钻 (a talisman that adds 100 hp), 1 dragonball, 1 meteor, 千年首乌包, 回元金丹包, moneybag, multiuse city return scroll) or exchange for points which when accumulated could then be deducted to exchange for prizes:

5 points for 1 meteor;
120 points for 1 level 70 -5% blessed normal quality boots;
280 points for 1 level 70 +170 enchanted hp normal quality attack ring or heavy ring or taoist bag;
350 points for 1 dragonball;
400 points for 1 续魂宝钻 (a talisman that adds 100 hp);