Becoming First Reborn means you get to choose a different class but with the benefit of choosing where your attribute points go and making the class you've picked and the one you were prior into somewhat of a blend.When you reborn you are put back down to level 15, this includes any gear you might be wearing when you do reborn which should be taken into careful consideration depending on what you wish to reborn into. As well as few skills from your previous class you will also get a Summon Guard and Summon Monster, both will attack any target that you strike and can be leveled up to do more damage, as well as the aforementioned there are a few more helpful benefits to rebirthing.

Overall this is your goal as a normal character and you should aim to be at least first reborn to get the most out of your character/s.


Level Requierments:Edit

If you want to reborn you need to be at least level 120, however if you are a Water Taoist you can reborn at level 110. below is a chart showing what class can reborn at what level.

Class Level
Fire Taoist
Water Taoist
Ninja 130

Item Requierments:Edit

  • Collect seven different gems (of any quality)
  • Collect CleanWater from the WaterLord's
  • Hand both in for a Celestial Stone

(Note: Alternatively you can just buy a Celestial Stone from the Market or Shopping Mall)


Extra Attribute points:Edit

If you go above level 120/110 you will gain even more attribute points when you reborn, below is a chart explaining how many attribute points you will gain depending on your level and class. The reason the table only shows Non-Water Taoist and Water Taoist is because the only class that gets a different amount of attribute points (because of the reborn level difference) is Water Taoist, so if your not a Water Taoist read the guide lines on Non-Water Taoist's.

Level Non-Water Taoist Water Taoist
110 +0 +0
112 +0 +1
114 +0 +3
116 +0 +6
118 +0 +10
120 +0 +15
121 +1 +15
122 +3 +21
123 +6 +21
124 +10 +28
125 +15 +28
126 +21 +36
127 +28 +36
128 +36 +45
129 +45 +45
130 +55 +55

Level Epiphany:Edit

if you reborn at (for example) level 136 at 10% EXP then you will only need to reach level 130 again and you will get something called an 'Epiphany' which will boost you straight back to level 136 at 10% EXP.

Skill Epiphany:Edit

The 'Skill Epiphany' is similiar to the Level Epiphany however it works differently here is an example, You are a Warrior that has gotten your sword skill to level 4, you decide to reborn and start leveling up your sword skill again however this time you will only need to achieve level 2 and you will be boosted back up to level 4.

Simply put the Skill Epiphany means you only have to get half way to your previous skill level before going straight back up to what it was prior to becoming reborn.

(Note: Its important to remember that ALL your skill levels drop to 0 when you reborn)

Added Defense:Edit

When a first reborn character reachs level 70 they will begin to get an added bonus of 30% of their current armour.

Keeping previous class skills:Edit

After you first reborn you will keep some of your previous classes skills, however you will not keep all of the skills look to "Magic & Skills" to see what you will keep/lose.

Unique Weapon:Edit

Each class (excluding Ninja, Monk and Pirate) recieve a Unique weapon with an effect that cannot be attained in any other way, see the list below for the effects.

Class Weapon Effect
Warrior Blade Poison
Trojan Blade Poison
Archer Bow


Fire Taoist Backsword Restore Health +310
Water Taoist Backsword Restore Mana +310

Quest GuideEdit

This guide will help to explain the First Reborn quest, if you already have a celestial stone skip to Part Four.

Part One:Edit

Gather seven gems all of different type, they only have to be of normal quality and can either be found by killing monsters, mining or buying them from the market (as in other players)

  • Dragon Gem
  • Pheonix Gem
  • Rainbow Gem
  • Moon Gem
  • Fury Gem
  • Kylin Gem
  • Violet Gem

Part Two:Edit

Now you need CleanWater which drop from Water Lord's, To get to the Water Lord you will need to go throught

To adventure Area

Desert City Map, Red Circled to show portal to Adventure Area's

the "Adventure Area's" which there is a map of below, to enter the first Adventure Area (New Desert City) you will need to go to Desert City then enter the portal which is on the left hand side of the map as shown to the left.

Once in the "Adventure Area" you will go throught a series of maps from a desert to a zone with the likeness of Bird Island, here is a map of the Adventure Area, you will need to follow this map from area 1 to 6, once you reach the top left area of zone 6 you will find an NPC, talk to them and ask to enter the adventure and meteor area.


Map of a path to Water Lords

When you reach area 9 you can move onto the next stage.

(Note: this map of the Adventure Area has been edited, removing the zones you do not need to visit)

Once in area 9 you will need to go to the specific island that the Water Lord is on, He will spawn every 30 minutes - use the map bellow to find the Water Lord's location.


Taken from (Thank you belzze)

Part Three:Edit

Now that you have all 7 gems and the CleanWater, go to Celestine who you will find in Wind Plain at 365,92 he will trade the items you have collected into a Celestial Stone.


At the top right area of the Wind Plain.

Part Four:Edit

Take your Celestial Stone to the market and talk to RebirthMaster (210,211) and ask to first reborn. You will now choose a few options, choosing the class you want and you even get the choice to change your characters size.

Magic & SkillEdit

When you reborn into another class you will keep a few skills and magical abilities from your previous class, Use the tables below as reference if you are planning on reborning, it is however important to note that no matter what you reborn into you will be able to use the abilities Cure, Thunder, Fire and Lightning as long as your Spirit meets the right demands.

Warrior reborn as...Edit

Warrior Reflect (reflects back the damage on you to those who attacked you)
Trojan Accuracy, Roar & Flying Moon
Archer Shield & Roar
Fire Taoist Shield & Roar
Water Taoist Superman, Shield & Roar
Ninja Accuracy, Roar & Flying Moon
Monk Accuracy, Roar, Flying Moon
Pirate Accuracy, Roar, Flying Moon

Trojan reborn as...Edit

Warrior Cyclone, Golem, Spirit Healing & Iron Shirt (Defense x4 for 20 secs)
Trojan Cruel Shade (Consumes stamina to deal 20% HP damage to enemies)
Archer Cyclone, Spirit Healing & Golem
Fire Taoist Cyclone, Spirit Healing & Golem
Water Taoist Cyclone, Spirit Healing & Golem
Ninja Cyclone & Spirit Healing
Monk Cyclone & Spirit Healing
Pirate Cyclone & Spirit Healing

Archer reborn as...Edit

Warrior Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows
Trojan Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows
Archer Freezing Arrow
Fire Taoist Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows
Water Taoist Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows
Ninja Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows
Monk Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows
Pirate Equip low level bows & poisonous arrows

Fire Taoist reborn as...Edit

Warrior Thunder, Fire, Cure & Meditation
Trojan Thunder, Fire, Cure & Meditation
Archer Thunder, Fire, Cure & Meditation
Fire Taoist Dodge (Increases dodge for a short amount of time)
Water Taoist Fire Circle
Ninja Thunder, Fire, Cure & Meditation
Monk Thunder, Fire, Cure & Meditation
Pirate Thunder, Fire, Cure & Meditation

Water Taoist reborn as...Edit

Warrior Cure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma & Meditation
Trojan Cure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma & Meditation
Archer Cure, Invisibillity, Magic Shield, Stigma & Meditation
Fire Taoist Revive, Advanced Cure, Invisibillity & Healing Rain
Water Taoist Pervade (Spend stamina to continuously attack enemies within range)
Ninja Cure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma & Meditation
Monk Cure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma, Meditation, Water Elf & Divine Hare
Pirate Cure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma & Meditation

Ninja reborn as...Edit

Warrior Toxic Fog
Trojan Toxic Fog
Archer Toxic Fog
Fire Taoist Toxic Fog
Water Taoist Toxic Fog
Ninja Nothing
Monk Toxic Fog
Pirate Toxic Fog

Monk reborn as...Edit

Warrior Serenity
Trojan Serenity
Archer Serenity
Fire Taoist Serenity
Water Taoist Serenity
Ninja Serenity
Monk Nothing
Pirate Serenity

Pirate reborn asEdit

Warrior Gale Bomb
Trojan Gale Bomb
Archer Gale Bomb
Fire Taoist Gale Bomb
Water Taoist Gale Bomb
Ninja Gale Bomb
Monk Gale Bomb
Pirate Nothing

Summon Guard/MonstersEdit

When you reborn you will be able to summon a guard [Level 15] and a monster [Level 40] both of which have levels as stated below.


Health Damage Defense Dodge
Iron Guard (Lv15) 10000 148 405 45
Copper Guard (Lv40) 20000 269 707 55
Silver Guard (Lv70) 35000 478 1505 65
Gold Guard (Lv100) 60000 646 1608 75


Name Level Health Magic attack Defense Dodge
// Fire Rat A 40 3000 16 50 50
// Fire Rat B 70 6000 60 300 60
// Fire Rat C 100 15000 130 1000 70
// Fire Rat D Fixed 30000 400 2000 80


Name Level Health Attack Defense Dodge
// Evil Bat A 40 3000 14 50 30
// Evil Bat B 70 6000 30-50 200 40
// Evil Bat C 100 15000 50-90 800 50
// Evil Bat D Fixed 60000 70-130 1500 60


Name Level Health Attack Defense Dodge
// Skeleton A 40 10000 14 50 50
// Skeleton B 70 20000 30-50 200 60
// Skeleton C 100 35000 50-90 1500 70
// Skeleton D Fixed 60000 70-130 2000 80

Fire TaoistEdit

Name Level Health Attack Defense Dodge
// Ghost Bat 40 3000 28 50 50
// Fast Bat 70 6000 66 200 60
// Swift Bat 100 15000 195 800 70
// Magic Bat Fixed 30000 448 1500 80

Water TaoistEdit

Name Level Health Attack Defense Dodge
// Ghost Bat Boss 40 10000 28 50 0
// Fast Bat Boss 70 20000 66 200 0
// Swift Bat Boss 100 35000 195 800 0
// Magic Bat Boss Fixed 60000 448 1500 0