DragonBall's (or the abbreviated term; DB's) are perhaps the most coveted items in the world of Conquer. They come as rare drops from monsters, rare prizes from certain quests, be bought from the Shopping Mall, or they can be purchased with real cash from the website.

A DragonBall's worth in cps is used as currency for most Conquer Online Servers as the base price in CP's is 215. This gives a rough guideline for most prices of items over 215 CP's, for example; a SuperStarTower from the Shopping Mall will cost 1290CP's, or as most people will abbreviate it for quicker typing methods - 6DB's (6 DragonBall's - the calculation of 215 x 6)

Uses of a DragonBallEdit

DragonBalls are used mostly to level equipment such as; weapons past Level 115 or other armour past set level's. They are also used in the upgrading of item quality. For example;

An Elite item can require DragonBall's through the EquipmentBlacksmith located in Market or ArtisanWind located in TwinCity to be upgraded to a Super quality, or used with the same NPC's to upgrade the item's level. The DragonBall once used in the Quality or Level process will dissapear.

Note: If you upgrade your item quality or level with ArtisanWind, be advised that if the process fails, you will lose your DragonBall and your item will not increase in level or quality. The lower the item's level, the more chance you'll have of increasing its quality.