My name is Buffy. I would like to make this wiki into a real compendium of Conquer Online knowledge. I am BuffKitTon of Gryphon/Cerberus. I have made a server service organization out of my new guild: KnighTemperance. Our first goal will be to take this wiki to new heights. I will be petitioning for admin rights unless anyone has a reason for me not to do just that. For a game as old as CO, not having an active, fully fleshed out wiki is almost an embarassment. Knights will rectify this as our legacy.


Hello, I'm Marc1k1 previously from Scorpio server and upon my return to conquer I joined Royalty_EU.

I played conquer back in '06 and stopped a couple years afterwards to move onto things like World of Warcraft and so on, Coming back this year (2012) has been nostalgic (or as much as possible due to the changes of the game) but still I don't plan on saying long.

Even still I'd like to help make this Wiki better (and have in the First Rebirth and Meteor section) becaues as 'Buffy' said, Conquer really does deserve at very least a complete wikia.