Artisan Wind

Artisan Wind's Appearance

Name Artisan Wind
Location Twin City
Coordinates 421,353
Killable No
Health N/A
Mana N/A

Artisan Wind is a new Artisan for Twin City and as such will sometimes fail to upgrade equipment meaning you will lose the meteor and he will damage the equipment you wanted him to upgrade.

Artisan Wind is much better at upgrading low level pieces of equipment (such as anything below level 70) because of this he should be used alot more at lower levels to avoid using up to many meteors at one of his counter-parts, like the Equipment Blacksmith.

Upgrading EquipmentEdit

Artisan Wind can upgrade your equipment in two ways, either he can upgrade the level or the quality which is decided depening on what you give him with the item. It is important to remember that he does not have a 100% success rate and should only be used at lower levels (such as below level 70)


If you give Artisan Wind a Meteor he will try to upgrade the level of your item, if you give him a Dragonball he will try to upgrade the quality

How to use the 'Improve window':Edit

To upgrade with Artisan Wind simply right-click on him and a window (as shown below in the picture) will appear, Place your item in the large slot on your Meteor/Dragonball in the smaller slot then click 'improve'.

Artisan Wind Improve Box

Artisan Winds 'Improve item level/quality box'

Upgrade Failure:Edit

If the item failed to upgrade you will lose the Meteor/Dragonball and your equipment will be slightly damaged (which is why the 'repair' button was implemented in the improve window) if this happens then repair the item and try again.

Upgrade Success:Edit

If the item is successfully upgraded it will appear in your inventory at a higher level/quality than before and will have suffered no damage.